Antigraffiti Graffitibeseitigung Graffitientfernung Graffitischutz  

Antigraffiti - Graffitibeseitigung / Graffitientfernung - Graffitischutz

Anti-graffiti products

Dulux - manufacture, sale and distribution of products for the areas of building protection, concrete protection, facade protection, graffiti removal, graffiti removal, graffiti protection.

Graffitientferner, Spezialreiniger zur Graffitibeseitigung / Graffitientfernung
Graffitischutzsysteme für die Graffitiprophylaxe / Graffitischutzmaßnahmen

Antigraffiti services and execution

Portolesi Structural - Application in construction of anti-graffiti coatings for building protection, concrete protection, façade protection, graffiti removal, graffiti removal, graffiti protection.

Antigraffiti seminar (avoidance of design and planning mistakes)
Construction management, coordination (work preparation, integration into construction measures) Graffiti removal (including pre-cleaning and painting and painting work) Graffiti removal (manual, machine, all subsoil) Graffiti protection (permanent protection and temporary protection, All subsoils)

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